last year i squealed with delight when my mother, my daughters, and i were chosen to participate in justin hackworth’s 30 strangers project. we had the best time during our photo shoot with justin.  he is such a sweetheart with a project funding a great cause.

this year, we are no longer strangers to justin hackworth but YOU might be! if you have no idea who justin hackworth is: perfect. he is a very talented photographer based out of provo, utah who does this beautiful project every spring/summer.

if you are a woman, with a mother, maybe sisters,


first, our bearzy will be dancing this friday at the ‘center stage showcase,’ 7:00PM at the UVU Ragan theater.

this is the best of the best from center stage. if you wanna go,  wanna watch an AMAZING night of dance: contemporary, jazz, ballroom, hip-hop!

let me know, we would love to save you a seat!

if you prepay for tickets during the week at the center stage front desk, tickets are $8.00

if you wait till the night of the show, tickets are $10.00 and you take a risk of the show selling out before then. fyi: this show always sells out!
it would be a GREAT girls night out! date night!  


my mom has lived with us for ten years. in our last home, we had a mother-in-law-apartment in the basement and she moved in with us there in 2001. then when we built our current home, we built grandma her own little cottage that you can see in the post below. {she really enjoys sitting in front of her cottage on warm afternoons.}

with our big move to boston coming up, my mom is going to return to salt lake city and live closer to family there.

so, this feels like the end of an era, we are going our separate ways after spending a decade together… our kids are accustomed to grandma just being a one minute walk away…


i promised here to tell you more. and it’s really this simple…. justin hackworth is a happy, talented photographer with an impressive 30 strangers project.

justin explains the project in these words,

“It works like this. In the month of April, I photograph a different mother and daughter (sometimes a grandmother, too) every single day. 30 portraits in 30 days. The people that come to be photographed are strangers to me. People I’ve never met before. Instead of paying me a portrait session fee, they make a donation to the Center for Women and Children in Crisis. Participants are selected at random from comments left on the blog post regarding the project.”


happy weekend!

April 8, 2011

it’s officially spring break for my kids at 4pm. today.

husband is traveling, so the kiddos and i are making big plans for the next ten days. i’m thinking about putting them in the car & road-trippin’ somewhwere, but i can’t pick a good, 3-4 day destination! any ideas?!? not vegas. not l.a., washington is a bit too far to drive in that time… we’re going to zions in may. !!! where should we go???

this morning, i am starting spring break early by heading over to the bijou market with girlfriends! we gotta get there while the pickin’s good!

it’s today, and tomorrow. you don’t want to miss it!