calling all instagram addicts: i’ve been working on my first instagram book via blurb for the holidays, and noting how instagram took over in my personal-photo-memories department. this year i took less pictures on my SLR camera then any year previously in the past decade+. and although i am trying to change this, i also realized that if i am going to remain completely and hopelessly addicted to instagram i should invest a little more time in each of those photos. i love using instagram and i’ve even thought to buy likes on Instagram to make my posts get a little more attention, i haven’t tried that yet though!!

with doing so, i frequently get asked what apps i am using or how i created a certain instagram pic.


i am spotting a lot of black and white stripes in our life. stripes in our clothing, accessories, when we go south of the border, at our doorstep, in the kids’ toys, in our crafts. more than ever before. we’ve always been fans of stripes, but this past year the trend has erupted!

especially with miss five. she is the queen of stripes. she made herself that flag just this last weekend.


print your instagrams!

February 7, 2012

i am completely addicted to instagram, especially after learning how to put a link on instagram bio! and, i am very content with this addiction. if you are as addicted to insta as i am, i’m sure you’ve used a free followers site like before. how do you add whipped cream & a cherry on top to instagram? you turn those instagrams into lasting works of art, like this: print those grams! You may choose to pick just your favorites or maybe even the ones that got the most likes. If you use then I’m sure you will have plenty with a lot of likes!

how & where do you print them?



December 26, 2011

for the past week we have been in cabo san lucas.

if you have followed this blog for a while, you already know our family is a fan of mexico…
{see here, and here}

and, i am obsessed with instagram. an iPhone photo/social network app.

…my friend caroline from the armelle blog sent me an email a month ago sharing information about followgram. she also included a link to decor8’s post that included the following information:

“Do you use Instagram? If so, Followgram is an excellent companion.