Tis the season for Elf on the Shelf! Our elves Mr. Bean & Ruby had twins a couple of years ago. This year when they returned they had a note that said parenting makes them lazy and stated that they would only be moving every Friday. (win-win!) This past Friday they moved and had a PRIDE FESTIVAL!!! What a perfect time of year to be celebrating PRIDE!

If you’d like the two printables for this idea they are available in my shop! Each printable is $5.00, I realize this is more than the standard $1.00 I charge but it’s for a good cause! If you purchase either one of the pride festival printables (or both!) the money will all be donated to Encircle,


easter in our home

April 1, 2015

Minimalist modern Industrial Easter decorations via seejaneblogWith my current urge to decorate less, own less, and most of all be storing less stuff. I kept our Easter decorations more simple this year than I ever have. And I’ve gotten rid of all the rest! I have discovered that I want our home to always have the same earthy, organic, cozy feel. I was so excited to find two items that fit that mold perfectly. Funny, each of these bunnies I found at garden stores – or nurseries. Obviously my love of plants and greenery overlaps in more than one way in our home.

If you are local – the stone carved bunny is from Cactus & Tropicals which has two locations in Salt Lake City.


minimalist style gift packaging

simple gift wrapping via seejaneblog

simple gift toppers via seejaneblog

festive gift toppers via seejaneblog

festive style via seejaneblog

Locals! Tomorrow: Friday, November 7th – I will be co-teaching a class at Gatehouse No.1 in Orem, Utah at NOON. I will be sharing my favorite gift toppers for this season and some simple, beautiful ways to wrap gifts! Lizy Bowden of Lizy’s Lilies will be teaching how to make a garland and wreath for the festive season ahead!

If you follow me on instagram then be sure to enter the giveaway I have posted! TEN winners during the class will receive some of my favorite choices for ribbons and more!


G.I. Jane and my troops

October 20, 2014

The Rhodes have been deployed to bootcamp for Halloween!



We have deep soft spots in our hearts for the national guard. And it was an easy decision to pick this theme for our family this year – however, Mr. Rhodes was the most excited. He has said numerous times over the years that he wishes he would have spent time in the forces, and this guy was a kid at heart when it came to dressing up.

We took our family to the local Army/Navy store weeks ago to pick out these costumes and dog tags, we purchased some items used, and some new. Mr. Rhodes wanted all legit-used pieces,


may day flowers + free printable via seejaneblog

when i was a child, my mom and i lived with my grandparents in the rainy northwest. when i was about eight years old, my *grandpa was eighty-something and he had a notorious flower garden. i first learned about may day from this grandpa. each may first, he would slowly and carefully roll paper into cones, and take me out to pick flowers from his garden. then, we would go for a walk in our neighborhood and choose homes to leave the flowers at as a surprise. he would stand back, let me go to the door, leave the flowers, knock, and run…

hello sunshine * may day flowers via seejaneblog

one year, i was caught in the act and our local paper wrote an article about my grandpa and i keeping the may day tradition alive…


Easter 2013.

March 31, 2013

the sun shined for Easter in New England!

that was one of the highlights of our day.

color coordinated Easter egg hunt via seejaneblog

the easter bunny did not show up last night for his glow-in-the-dark night-time egg hunt,
and our kiddos started to worry that it wasn’t going to come – but he didn’t forget us this morning!

modern easter bags via seejaneblog

huge upcycled easter bags via seejaneblog

sela head first in her easter bag

KJ head first in his easter bag

Oh So Tiny Bunny book via seejaneblog

myla moo and her easter treasures

Easter sunday via seejaneblog

i hope your day was filled with loved ones, and lots of good food. boy-oh-boy do i have to start eating good {AGAIN} and working-out extra starting tomorrow…