March 23, 2011

…you know, when your friend calls and says, “hey, you want to plan a girls day at my cabin to snow-shoe & have lunch next week?” and you make her repeat it because you’re pretty sure she just said “snow-shoe & have lunch next week at my cabin” in the same sentence and snow-shoeing isn’t exactly something you do every day and surely you misunderstood her. but you didn’t. and you’re really glad when you agree to go.

this past monday, i felt so fabulous, lucky, and blessed to be out in nature, in one of the most heavenly-winter-scenic-places-on-earth, under billowy clouds shielding snowflakes-ready-to-fall on a plain-old week day that i posted on facebook,


i’m thirty-five.
as in, almost twenty-four hours ago, i turned thirty-five.
and, i was shakin’ it with this iphone photo app, all weekend…

my entire weekend has been a celebration.
so much goodness jam-packed into three days.

how am i feeling? about this big three-five?

well, the first five years of my thirties were beautiful,
easy to age…as i kept adding those years.

this next five i might not take with such grace.
this three-five feels like the older-side-of-thirty.


for now, i’m happily-thirty-five,

girls lunch on friday at smashburger…my choice of restaurant!


malawi’s pizza…

December 17, 2010

“pizza with a purpose”

for every meal you purchase at malawi’s,
they donate a healthy meal to an orphan in malawi, africa.
{meals for meals}

ummm, how cool is that?
{sounds a lot like toms, love them too!}

this is the latest pizza joint in utah county.
don’t be fooled by the african-theme,
because there is no african food,
only italian.

the menu boasts healthy italian flare,
with a big open atmosphere.

my girlfriends and i have pretty much fallen in love with this place.

we’ve been going there regularly for a few months now,


celebrating baby cole

September 26, 2009

this hot momma is just a couple weeks away from welcoming a bundle of blue into their family. have you ever seen such a small, adorable *baby bump? we’re all jealous! very very jealous.

to celebrate, we went up to sundance today for a luncheon-baby shower. It could not have been a more beautiful day, the fall colors are on display, and absolutely gorgeous! just like the momma we were celebrating with…

best wishes & lots of love, we can’t wait to meet the handsome little man!


* there is a BABY BUMP contest going on with a local radio station here in utah,



May 29, 2009

yes, i’ve changed gno to gao

{girls night out – – – girls afternoon out}

a few of my favorite neighborhood women and moi went to lunch at the nordstrom cafe’ and treated ourselves to pedicures…

it was sooooo fun, yummy, and relaxing!

low-carbers: if you have not been to the nordstrom cafe’, they have some great salads. my favorite is the chicken pistachio salad, and I use their cherry balsamic dressing. it’s a staple in my weekly line-up of food,