we have had a strange winter in new england. after all the crazy stories about how awful it would be, we have only had one snowstorm this past october and that is it! it’s been beautiful, and unseasonably warm.

however, week before last we had two days of rain + i had two kids fighting stomach bugs, so they stayed home from school. this was the perfect opportunity for us to create valentine’s day cards!

…and that we did.

all of our card designs this year are treat-free, so if that is something you need, these might be good for you. {i will be posting 3 ideas this week.}

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let the holidays begin!

November 23, 2009

this past weekend, i finished most our preparations for thanksgiving. our pantry, two fridges, and two freezers are packed with food, and supplies. i am hoping to enjoy the five days off with my hubby & kids, even if it means alot more work now.

our thanksgiving holiday includes playing flag football, we try to get all ages to play. this year we are also making plans to have a game of kick ball. we have a big family meal packed with all the traditional food, during which we share things we are thankful for. then once the kitchen is clean we head off to the movies. {i think we’ll be seeing disney’s “the princess &