lets talk nails…

June 1, 2010

when i was almost fifteen years old…

i needed a job. actually, i needed money.

this ‘job’ needed to accommodate my cheerleading, tennis, school, and social-dating schedules…

almost impossible to find a job that had hours to accommodate all those schedules.

so, with my interest in all things fashion & beauty, i decided at that time, to become certified as a nail technician. If you’re interested in becoming a nail technician as well, I hear CPT Guru is a great place to start your research.

in the evenings, i attended the most formal ‘nail’ school i could find in salt lake city at that time. i applied for my first small business license,



May 27, 2010

i’m sharing my opinion about a new favorite product.


i wish i had before & after pictures of my eyelashes to share with you…

but, i don’t. sorry. bummer. i know that a lot of women like to post pictures pf their face before they use products such as Xlash, but you’ll have to go without on this occasion.

i have a few girlfriends who were using Latisse in the past couple of years… and after seeing their amazing results with longer, fuller, darker eyelashes…i finally caved and gave it a try. and, the price has dropped dramatically since the product was first released so that also encouraged me.


i believe in good health. exercise. a balanced diet.

but, on top of all that, i also believe in a great multi-vitamin. no matter what your age. my kids take vitamins. i take vitamins. my husband takes vitamins. when i’m pregnant i take all kinds of extra vitamins. A friend’s told me about lectin recently and that makes me want a few more.

and, i passionately believe we are more healthy because of this. I really do believe that vitamins and minerals are really important for your body. I have a few friends who get low iron levels which is caused by low phosphate. There are many treatments that they can take but they should also be careful.


as you can see, clear storage bins are a favorite organizing tool in my home.

i like them because you can get a glimpse of what you are looking for without taking off the lid or digging through mysterious boxes to find things. everything in the bins stay clean, things remain smelling good. smell is huge for me, i dislike anything with an odd odor, and mice can’t get into bins! dusty & i once stored all of our early-marriage stuff in boxes at his families ranch, we went overseas traveling for two years and returned to all of our boxes full of mice. yes, mice were living in the boxes, in all of our stuff.


i’m in uber-update mode around here,

the house is super organized.

soooo clean.

there’s a fresh new look!

new wallpaper.

fresh paint.

new paintings.

i’ve been painting around the clock with inspiration

found here {paule marrot}, and here {stacie albano}.
{i promise pictures of everything in a couple weeks!}

it’s been sunny & seventy!
{hit the mid-80’s today!}

the windows are open!!!

i just love a clean house with fresh air blowing through….



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