well hello…

September 14, 2014

Hey sweet friends. I’ve missed you. Its been a good ten months *off the blogging grid. Most of the things I hoped to accomplish or re-set in my life – I came close enough that life feels really good right now. We have settled back in to our Utah life, and in April I officially became cancer free!!! Over the past ten months I have learned a lot, changed a lot, and especially grown in areas I never expected as a parent. I am returning to blogging refreshed, re-inspired, balanced, and with some core ideas on how to make this space a bit more me.

Jane Rhodes - seejaneblog

As cliche as this may sound – embracing the fact that I am in my middle-aged years,


the art of… family

April 16, 2013

this past weekend, i took a whole lotta sidewalk chalk + all of my kids outside to our driveway. we spent all afternoon out there, and not only created some chalk masterpieces, but created some fun memories.

the art of family via seejaneblog for twig creative

to see more pictures from our activity {more sidewalk chalk art!}, and to read my thoughts on “the art of… family” head over to the twig creative blog. and then, buy one of their wooden treasures, because they are the absolute cutest toys ever! true statement.


dear friends, thank you dearly for all your texts, emails, fb/twitter/instagram messages yesterday and this morning in wake of the boston explosions.


see jane’s blog roll

March 14, 2013

since i arrived home from Alt. summit in January i have been making my way through the business cards i collected from all the incredible people i met. since doing so, i decided 2013 would be a good year to add a blog roll to seejaneblog that includes many of my well-loved favorite bloggers {mostly friends} and some of the new virtual connections. while i am post-surgery resting, working on a few other upcoming events and projects, and spring cleaning… this will give you time {months actually!} to peruse these blogs. also, i am currently updating my google reader {did you know google reader retires on July 1st? any recommendations on what to do???}, please share your favorite blogs in the comment section below if they are not included on my list!


a hip handmade holiday

November 5, 2012

happy monday friends! today, i am sharing with you a gold-mine of holiday crafting goodness. were you a seejaneblog reader back when i made the capiz-shell inspired chandelier??? my friend susan peterson and i hosted the craft night for that at my home in utah, and finished somewhere in the hours of 2 or 3am… anyway, that same gal + another crafty friend of mine Alison have partnered with another crafty friends husband {are you following me?} and put together the bomb of all holiday books!

a hip handmade holiday, by the craft pack! clever. these gals are so clever. i have been watching behind the scenes for the past six months while this was being created,


hey. have you checked out the new site mom’s best? it’s fresh, fun, and packed with great ideas.

plus, a few of my talented blog-lovin’ friends are behind it’s awesomeness!

today, i am excited to share with you, their first online magazine: fall back to school!

it is 78 pages of style, lessons, and life. also, they did a blogger round-up including interviews with twenty bloggers—

if you look closely, you might find me!

{image via fifth & hazel for mom’s best.}



June 29, 2012

My head is still buzzing from mingling on tuesday evening…

the mingle scene.

Shelby and I, equipped with door prizes for the guests.

Color. I am so glad that everyone brought their shining beauty, and joined in the fun.

We had 2 official photographers working mingle this time, Justin Hackworth and Ashley Thalman. Go take a look at the photos here and here.  They did an outstanding job. Plus, they’re really cool people and fun to hang out with! (The images on this post were shot by them.)

I met so many wonderful people at mingle@soel!