Charles River bike path

September 2, 2012

since we moved here i have wanted to take our bikes into the city to ride along the charles river bike path. it winds along the charles river for a fourteen mile loop.

there are good reasons to stop and rest all along the path – cool playgrounds, cafes, festivals, ponds, and of course to view the river! in august, we made this happen, and other than the fact i *flew over my handle bars and crashed at one point, i can’t wait to do it again.

*don’t ride too close to the bike in front of you.


boston by bicycle

September 27, 2011

we are not a very outdoorsy family by most definitions of outdoorsy.

we are a sportsy-active-family, but we avoid most camping/hiking/biking/anything that has’t to do with the REI-store-in general.
it’s just better that way. most of the times we’ve attempted river rafting, camping, biking – it ends in some sort of disaster.

having that said, i will still get the occasional itch to do something outdoorsy.

this time, it involved me BEGGING my family all day to go on a bike ride.
no one wanted to go.

husband actually told me in the middle of the afternoon,
“it just sounds so difficult & inconvenient…”


biking to borders

June 19, 2009

we have an amazing neighborhood.

this is our second annual kids summer book club.
it’s officially a tradition.

starting last year…{and look here}…once school is out, we ride our bikes to borders book store. each age group/gender chooses the book they are going to all read for the summer. we have lunch at bajio’s, and then ride our bikes back home.

later this summer, each of us mom’s will host one of the age groups for a little book group based on the theme of their book. we’ll have games, treats, etc.

so so fun. and educational!

this is only a portion of our group.