the fourth.

July 4, 2012

despite the fact that we spent the first half of our day eating sushi on top of moving boxes, (come on, sushi should be granted american status by now)… our independence day was just perfect.

our first fourth of july in new england was filled with a traditional celebration. this is one of my favorite holidays, and while we kept things fairly low-key this year {since we had just moved five days prior to the holiday}, i still adore the community kumbaya feeling as you spend time with neighbors and friends.

instagrams of our all-american day:

i tried two new recipes for our american birthday cake –


flashback friday…

July 1, 2011

right at this moment: i feel completely american, one hundred percent, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes with shivers. i always get that i-think-i-might-cry-about-anything-patriotic- feeling leading up till the fourth. actually, i feel this way every day, but much more intense leading up to the fourth. i always tear up during the national anthem at baseball games… and, also during the olympics.

i see soldiers, in uniform, and i could cry. i see flags, cry. i hear our national anthem, more glossy eyes. i feel the planes fly overhead as our local parade begins. tears.

i love driving around town and spotting all the temporary firework shops,


we had one final hoorah with some of our best friends…

the bland family.

thank you for a delicious meal, a warm swimming pool,

great company, and more fireworks!
we love you.

see that dessert below? it is the yummiest thing of ever!
wow. dusty & i ate ourselves silly!!!
as soon as i get my hands on the recipe, i will be sharing it.

who oh who is reading my blog these days?
are you anti-comments???

{besides my loyal ten besties who comment,


is a local festival that coincides with the fourth of july, every year.

the festival honors four values…


i love the HUGE celebration for america.
the activities included in the festival are phenomenal.

there are traditions that melt my soul, every year.
my american heart beats and my eyes tear when the

three f-16’s fly over utah county for the stadium of fire.
i stand amazed when my body truly trembles from their power,
to me, it represents so much, so much bigger than me.

i love waking up and seeing the hot air balloon festival right above us.



July 7, 2010

it’s true. i love fireworks just as much as kids do. fireworks are one more great way to celebrate how much i love the US of A. i could go broke making trips to the fireworks stand. especially when i watch my little man spending hours in the driveway chasing parachutes. lighting smoke bombs. throwing pop-its.

on saturday evening we gathered with our neighborhood on a nearby hill, snuggled in blankets and watched the big fireworks from stadium of fire.

on sunday evening we did our family fireworks in front of our home with friends.

on monday afternoon we did daytime fireworks.
KJ had the coolest BIG parachute firework that sent 35 parachutes into the air!


our fourth of july

July 6, 2010
friends. family. good food. swimming. popsicles. volleyball.
fireworks. croquet. bounce houses. soda. laughing.

thank you to everyone who shared the day with us.
we love you.