southern utah

March 23, 2015

Razring in Sand Hallow via seejaneblogAs soon as the little retreat was finished in Cedar City we headed a bit farther South to spend the weekend in St. George. We chose to stay at the Sand Hollow Resort – they have villas for rent that fit our family with extra space. It was sunny, fun, and a good dose of family time! Without sounding to whiney – it’s less and less common these days that we get time together with all of us. We “divide and conquer” more and more often. Dusty has taken kids on the past two weekends to softball and baseball tournaments in St George while I stayed home for dance competitions, homework and other commitments. Dusty’s travel/work schedule.


Hey friends. On my last video post I had a few inquiries about how I create the videos. I’d love to give you a few tips, and answer ANY questions you have but keep in mind this is the short version of instructions!

1 – I use my iPhone 5S for ALL of my footage. (I am DYING to get my hands on the new iPhone 6 just because I hear the camera is so much better!!!) I shoot everything with my phone horizontally, always tipping my phone to the left – in the same direction each time I take a video. If you don’t shoot it the same way, you can later edit it and flip it around or zoom-in later in iMovie but it’s an extra step or two to do so.


this was my third year to attend Altitude Design Summit {affectionately alt} and it was an experience totally different than my first two years. to start, it’s like going home now – not just because it’s held in one of my home states, utah, where i lived for twenty-two years. but because alt. includes a community of creatives i feel connected to. alt is a group of people just as obsessed as i am about design, parties, holidays, fashion, food, creating, motherhood, and more. and we tolerate each others craziness!

i attend alt because of this community and the wealth of inspiration i find there. this year, as i sat in classes i kept hearing a similar theme over and over again.


from what i understand, some momma’s look forward to grocery shopping sans kids. i’m not a big fan of grocery stores – however, i can totally relate when in a different situation. i look forward to my time on airplanes sans kids. especially when wifi is involved!

our dog kaymen, 16 years old is suffering from old age – so sad. | my first time to hold baby sloane.

top knots at a family bbq

a vegetarian dinner by shelby, i was spoiled.

do you know this celebrity that owns people water?


mingle@soel : tonight!

June 26, 2012

Hello, Friends! As I mentioned, I’m in Utah getting ready for mingle@soel! I am really digging the dry utah heat! The weather is straight out of my dreams and the wasatch mountains look as beautiful as ever! It’s a short trip — I’ll be back in Boston on Friday, but it’s always delightful to be in the place that truly feels like home.

Tonight, is the night! Are you coming to mingle? Remember: wear color! I packed a few options, and am still trying to decide what to wear! : ) This is your chance to bring some friends and mingle with some really great people!


it’s time to mingle!

June 19, 2012

hello there! i am so excited to share some news with you… this past month has been truly exhausting, but lucky for all of us – there is a party on the horizon!

remember this event in February? Well… things have changed just a little {i scooted your cheese over just a tiny bit} and now we are mingle! the name changed, but our vision remains the same. mingle has replaced “utah bloggers.” so, go grab your iPhone-calender-planner-whatever you schedule your life with, and pencil in this info:

look at the sponsors, we are going to have the best party ever!