low-iodine diet

June 8, 2013

coming to you from day two of isolation, my low-iodine diet has come and gone over the past eighteen days. i’m currently planning my first normal meal post-diet for later this morning! you wouldn’t believe how excited i am to have eggs and cheese! i baked my favorite egg casserole two days ago so i could have a slice of it this morning!!!

low-iodine diet via seejaneblog

the unexpected perk of doing this diet was how much i learned about not eating dairy, eggs, soy products, and a few other items. low-iodine is similar to paleo if you’re familiar with that. from day one my body felt incredible. never bloated. never heavy. yes,


see jane undergo RAI therapyso… as a final step on my thyroid cancer agenda, i begin radioactive iodine therapy tomorrow morning.

did you know that your thyroid glands absorb nearly all of the iodine in your body? so, when radioactive iodine (RAI), also known as I-131, is taken into the body in liquid or capsule form, it concentrates on thyroid cells. the radiation can destroy the thyroid gland and any other thyroid cells (including cancer cells) that take up iodine, with little effect on the rest of your body. most of my thyroid was removed in the two surgeries i had, but we know from recent blood work that some cancerous thyroid cells remain – the RAI will destroy them.


mary had a little lamb house in massachusetts via seejaneblog.co

talking to children about difficult topics is a hard, yet crucial, part of parenting. in the past i’ve discussed the “birds and the bees” talk on seejaneblog. that is just one of many difficult subjects to discuss with children. today, i am sharing ten recommendations for having similar conversations with your kids. i would really like to hear what you have to say on the subject. head over to Boston Mamas right here to read the post!

good luck parenting, friends.  i’m having my roughest year yet – darn teenagers.

* picture taken via instagram @see_jane this past fall while visiting the schoolhouse that inspired the nursery rhyme mary had a little lamb.


for about thirty-six hours now, i have been thyroid-free. i am also one step closer to being cancer-free…

how am i feeling? a little sluggish, but good. the drive home from the hopsital was interesting. it always takes longer than normal for anestheisa to wear-off on me – so, amidst the nausea, dizziness and my husbands driving {everyone who has driven in a car with him knows what i am talking about} i had a somewhat induced case of car sickness with one honey, pull-over i’m going to puke!

other than that moment, i feel ok.

thyroid cancer via seejaneblog

last year, after my second biopsy results confirmed “undetermined” in regards to my thyroid nodule being malignant or benign…


a day to be thankful.

November 22, 2012

friends, i hope you all enjoyed a cozy day filled with much to be thankful for. i know my cup runneth over, and this has been a perfect week and month to focus on my blessings.

first, i want to thank you with big hugs for all your prayers, thoughts, and good vibes you have sent my way for my thyroid surgery. i feel great. i expected to feel good, considering i had a day surgery, and knew my healing time wouldn’t be too long. however, i had no idea i would feel SO GOOD. Plus, i was so well-cared for during the few days i needed extra rest. my family, friends, and neighbors are angels. i had lots of extra snuggles and love from my family.