*new to me*

January 30, 2012

friends, as i mentioned on friday, i’d like to start a new weekly post to share things with you that are *new to me*

i’m hoping that most of these items will be new to you, too!

to start off, i want to share one final post about alt. design summit 2012.
because alt. is a DESIGN summit, business cards are a big deal.
well-designed business cards are the BOMB! I hear a fair few of them were digitally printed by companies similar to what you can discover at https://www.ipw1.co.uk/digital-printing.

here’s a few of my favorites i brought home with me —



twelve days of boston…

September 16, 2011

is this the most adorable welcome-to-a-new-city-package you’ve ever seen???

katie has graced my blog a few times over the years, and this time she’s gone the extra mile for the honorable mention!

soon after we arrived here in boston, we received this:

if you look closely, she has included a “boston mix cd” because katie is a true music guru + a welcome letter filled with love & positive support on our big adventure PLUS twelve envelopes each filled with local-advice on daily activities and what-to-do’s around boston.

i was so moved by katie’s package + the time she invested to make it for us –



October 3, 2009
it’s challenging to have a husband/papi who travels for work.
but…there are perks, too.

like all the special-deliveries he sends us

to remind us of his love.

thank you big papi.

i hope you’ve noticed. i’m kinda fond of you!

{only six days till we all leave for cabo! but who’s counting?}


Mahalo, Granums!

December 13, 2007

We hope you also have a Mele Kelikimaka in Maui! We always miss you, but hey – one of the MANY bonuses, you’re one of the few Utahns with a great tan all winter!