the Rhodes summer 2015

August 23, 2015

I realize for a big portion of the world summer is not over. School hasn’t started yet, there are weeks of warm sunshine to still be enjoyed. But. For us, school has started and for many other reasons when summer vacation is over I feel a melancholy farewell to the season. But also this season of our life.

With this feeling I decided it was time to put all our summer memories in one video. This video is differwent than past videos because it’s capturing an entire season – and I did it in family home video style, not “here’s the highlight reel of one week!” With that said, I warn you ALL…


“Raise your hand if you have held a baby big or small. Raise your hand if you have ever given advice to someone younger than you. Raise your hand if you have worried about someone day and night. Raise your hand if you have cried for joy at someone else’s achievements. Raise your hand if you have cared, fed, bathed, and nurtured someone other than yourself. For all of us with our hands up, clap and shout because this day is for you! And I do include all the guys out there as well that take on both mom and dad roles. Today I celebrate everyone who has had a hand in inspiring the life of another. To achieve greatness,


flashback friday…

March 11, 2011

when husband and i were married on february 1, 1996,
we went on our winter honeymoon to tahoe.

south lake tahoe.

undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful places in the world!

we spent our days skiing…at heavenly.

{not sad at all that those random red gloves went missing! in fact, thank the lawd all of that ski get-up is missing…oh. this picture cracks me up!}

i did not grow up snow skiing.

in fact, the first time i went skiing was on a date in high school.

then, when i was at college in southern utah, cedar city gets an insane amount of snow,


anniversary hangover…

February 8, 2011

{meaning: there were delayed effects of too much good in a short amount of time.}

we wanted to relax, sleep, read by the fire, eat good food, spa, and repeat.

so, we drove ten minutes from our home to sundance.

it was the ideal getaway…for three days.

husband told me, in reference to this little sign below,

“baby, you can’t stay in here…it says non-smokin’ “

all these years, and he still has cheesy lines for me. {smiling}

we love this restaurant.



January 13, 2009

Since our kids are attending school at ivy hall academy, they get to enjoy skiing every Monday afternoon during the winter. In January and February they are dismissed early at 11:30am to go skiing at sundance. It is an option to just ski, or an option to take ski lessons. We choose to take our kids and ski with them {well, with one of them!}, Dusty has given them lessons himself over the years and they are awesome!

Kiana rode up with a friend from her class and honestly, I saw that girl on the mountain in quick passing about four times. Each of those passings were so quick I never got a picture of her. How is it I have such an independent ten year old?!?