the sharks.

November 22, 2010

i mentioned here about myla’s softball team this past season.

i just received her team pictures!
there was a team mom who was a photographer,
she took the pictures instead of the usual city photographers…
long story short, we have pictures!

i love these.
our big papi helps coach,
my sassy little sports babe…
her team made it to the playoffs!

we are only starting winter here in utah,
in fact, it’s been snowing all weekend.
and already i am longing for warm sun & a baseball park.

whatever season it is,


flashback friday

June 25, 2010

in honor of my baseball-filled life right now…

here is my team picture from the first year i played softball.

i love{d} playing softball. i have the most amazing memories from this team. this picture below is tucked away in a photo album i own. but it also appeared on facebook this past year, where i have re-connected with almost every one of these girls from the year we played softball together. i am a big fan of facebook for reasons like this. i have the fondest memories of my dad taking me to tournaments with this team all over the northwest coast of washington state. good times. very good times.

i beg my husband every year to let me play on a co-ed softball team with him,