reader question{s)…

June 11, 2010

{this reader question is from last march!!! so sorry about the delay!!!}

hi, i’ve just recently come across your delightful blog and well today i noticed your diet, so i’m wondering if you could give me advice?

i’ve dieted in the past and usually just do the fruit, veggies, yogurt, special k thing. well my mom bought me a low carb book much like atkins. it’s hard because its totally opposite of what i’ve been doing! no milk, fruits, yogurt, cereal. i get six servings of carbs & 15 grams of sugar… this book is telling me to eat cheese, mayo, sausage, ect. things i’m not use to eating when trying to lose weight!


reader question…

May 26, 2010

“Hi Jane!
I love your blog!
My sister and several friends love your blog! It is uplifting and so fun to read!
Who does your hair? It is so shiny and I love the color.
Barb from Logan”


thank you Barb, you’re very sweet.

it was great {made my day, thank you!} to get a compliment on my hair after thinking i had literally fed it to the garbage disposal over the past couple of years! i prefaced this reader question with my vitamins post this morning, on purpose…

besides my daily vitamins, i also take biotin.