kj piano recital

myla piano recital

sela piano recital

rhodes girls piano recital

something cool happened with piano this year, my kids all became genuinely more passionate about playing. and, it wasn’t with just one kid or two kids — they shared this feeling. i almost felt like there was an unspoken competition with who could practice next. it was really cool to witness. they love playing piano and always want to learn more about the latest model of keyboard coming out.

because of this, everyone improved and everyone was excited about their songs for recital. i watched each of them shine just a bit, very proud of what they were playing.


the piano man…

May 30, 2010

in years past, i’ve nearly begged my kids to perform for the school talent show.

but this year…

kj came home from school and with total excitement told me there was going to be a first grade talent show, and he signed up to play the piano!


last week, once again, he performed his ‘warm-up on C’. like a pro!


the spring piano recital

April 26, 2010

was last week.

kj, myla, and kiana all take lessons from the most charming woman in our neighborhood, maisa simpson. maisa was raised as a professional piano player in europe and currently chaperone’s the young ambassadors at byu.

our favorite characteristic about maisa, is her kind, patient, infectious love for the piano.

i am a very chill piano momma. i require very little practice time from my kids. i hated practicing the piano as a kid, and yet i still wish i would have taken lessons longer than i did.

i assume my kids are going to feel just about the same as i did. i also assume that if they go to a lesson for 30 minutes every week…in ten years,


piano recitals {3.31.08}

April 7, 2008

My “girls” {Kiana & Myla} take piano lessons from the most talented, wonderful woman Maiza Simpson. She has a strong Austrian accent and an infectious love of music. This was Myla’s 1st year of piano and Kiana’s first year {returning from a 2 year break} with Maiza. The recital was very traditional and just CUTE! I am a terrible piano mom because I require nothing of my girls. No practice. I am not hoping for my children to become amazing pianist, but I figure in ten years after a 30 minute lesson every week they will at least be better than I ever was…