print your instagrams!

February 7, 2012

i am completely addicted to instagram, especially after learning how to put a link on instagram bio! and, i am very content with this addiction. if you are as addicted to insta as i am, i’m sure you’ve used a free followers site like before. how do you add whipped cream & a cherry on top to instagram? you turn those instagrams into lasting works of art, like this: print those grams! You may choose to pick just your favorites or maybe even the ones that got the most likes. If you use then I’m sure you will have plenty with a lot of likes!

how & where do you print them?


crush party 2011.

February 14, 2011

we started the week of love with a crush party.

the crepe bar was the highlight of the evening. to keep things simple, i made most of the crepes before the party started {our family recipe, here.} then we had each guest bring the toppings. we served dinner crepes with everything from turkey, cheese, peppers, spinach, and mushrooms.

for dessert crepes we had all the fixings: fresh berries, ice cream, whipping cream, caramel, nutella,


wow. i have returned with fresh new motivation towards my future with graphic design and blogging. the alt. design summit was a sort of melting pot for all areas of art/design/social media/bloggers—graphic designers, artists, writers, interior designers, magazine editors, event planners, fashion writers, all showed up to share everything they possibly could about their areas of expertise. the best part, i met so many people.

the summit gift boxes – retro stainless steel lunch boxes filled with all kinds of goodies. sela has already placed dibs on the lunch box, and it now totes barbies and their gear around our home.

day one: a few of the sessions i attended included panels with bloggers covering topics such as: “


shutter booth photo booth

March 16, 2010

welcome, my newest sponsor!

shutter booth!

this is the coolest, most up-to-date, fun {and memorable!} activity you can plan for your next party or event!

we just used shutter booth for kiana’s 12th birthday party.

definitely the unique way to capture it all!
and, wow, the hit of the party!

not only was the photo booth a really fun activity for all the kids {and maybe even more fun for the adults}, but so many goodies were included!

shutter booth was very convenient,