master living. 1/52

January 4, 2015





A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.

Happy New Year, friends!

With my recent return to blogging, I’ve decided to restart the “52 project” – I started it in 2013, and went for almost ten months. Now looking back I absolutely love seeing those photos and what I wrote about my kids each week. It’s a fun, great, memorable way to keep track of kids at various ages. I encourage you all to consider trying it. So, starting with week one of January, our family has spent a lot of time talking about resolutions and goals in the past few weeks.


365 days…

January 1, 2012

i was raised in a religion that is goal-happy. and whether this is what influenced me or not while i was growing up, i make goals like some people breathe. really. it’s a natural behavior for me.

i make goals before i wake up of what i want to accomplish by 9am, what needs to be done later that day, what i expect to do this week, this month, this year, etc etc. i think about these goals in my head, i write them on post-it notes, i type them into my phone… i even make goals for the other members of my family. they love that. {myla, you want to make your bed,


feast your eyes on…

January 18, 2011

susan’s prime rib, and your mouth will be watering.

earlier this month,
we had our annual new years dinner at the bland family residence.

i dote on tradition.
so, tradition + good friends + delicious food.

always amazing.

suz put lights under the sheer fabric to decorate the buffet,
such a cute-easy-super fancy idea!

thank you to the lovely hosts, xo.


oranges as fruit cups!

January 5, 2010
we have a lovely tradition {two years now} of having new years day dinner at my dear friend susan’s home. it is soooooo nice to have dinner at someone else’s house the night after i host this. and, it’s sooooo nice because suzie is one amazing chef! and, it’s sooooo nice to be surrounded by great company!

i was asked to bring fruit this year. due to the large supply of oranges i currently have, i had the idea to turn my oranges into little fruit bowls.