crush party 2011.

February 14, 2011

we started the week of love with a crush party.

the crepe bar was the highlight of the evening. to keep things simple, i made most of the crepes before the party started {our family recipe, here.} then we had each guest bring the toppings. we served dinner crepes with everything from turkey, cheese, peppers, spinach, and mushrooms.

for dessert crepes we had all the fixings: fresh berries, ice cream, whipping cream, caramel, nutella,


homemade sea salt scrub

January 27, 2011

last month, our nanny tregan gave me the most divine body scrub for christmas. i am already a huge fan of oily-salty-scrubs, and this one tops them all as my favorite. plus, i just love that it’s homemade. i used up the jar tregan gave me lickety-split, so i’ve been dying to make more. my most-favorite-absolutely-love-it thing to do, is to use the body scrub in the shower/bath, then shave afterwards. oh my. my skin is so amazingly moisturized and smooth afterwards. it’s heaven!

simple recipe:
it’s pretty much a 1:1:1 ratio,

1 cup course sea salt
1 cup fine sea salt
1 cup oil
+ scented oils,