February 29, 2012

you all know my love affair with pinterest – it’s one of the finest ways i know how to waste time. i also consider it the best online resource/tool for our generation. it’s incredible. and, i adore ben silbermann, the founder. however, {shhhh. whispering} i am trying to spend less time on it during 2012, because i want to have more original creativity/ideas to share with you here on seejaneblog. for the past two years, since pinterest launched in May of 2010, i feel that i was capable of sharing great ideas – but most of those ideas were not mine. they were my versions, of someone else’s idea. does this make sense? i was crafting &


friends! how was your weekend? we returned home late last night and have jumped right back into our regular routine here in boston. our kiddos had a great winter vacation in utah – we packed every minute with play dates, our favorite food, and activities. they were sad to leave so i’ve got to keep reminding them in the next few days about what is great about living in boston! homesickness does not look good on little ones.

i’ve been so excited to share with you the highlights, photos, and videos of last weeks {utah} blogger meet ‘n greet. for me, the best part was seeing this event i’d worked on with shelby come together so beautifully.