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May 28, 2012

over the years, i go through jewelry phases – i prefer silver, then i prefer gold – repeat. for a few years now everything gold is good. so when i stumbled upon Kris Nations Jewels, the designs are sophisticated and a bit bohemian – i added a slew of these to my wish list!

one | two | three | four

Are you a jewelry-person? Do you remain loyal to one style over the years or do you go through phases too?

{collage by me, images via. this is not a sponsored post.}


friends, to complete this week …

i wanted to share one last post about my favorite spotted valentine’s from around the web,
plus a gift guide for any of those people you love & what you could buy them to celebrate.


one two three
four five six
seven eight nine

If your valentine enjoys gaming, you could visit LeagueSmurfs.com and buy them an online gaming account! happy weekend my friends! do you have plans?
our niece &


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March 1, 2010

the most lovely jewelry this week!

by: the vintage pearl, a new sponsor here.

welcome, welcome!

i am just giddy for spring, and with my current zeal for all things warm to appear soon, i’ve begun preparations for easter. i just love personalized gifts. especially for my two oldest daughters, ages 10 & 12. I get so excited finding little treasures to give them in place of hoards of candy!

i discovered ‘the vintage pearl’ lately while searching for such treasures. erin, the jewelry designer behind ‘vintage pearl’ is soaked with talent!