Ways to ask someone to a dance with Chickens via SeeJaneBlog.jpgHomecoming is this weekend at our local high school and Kiana was asked to the dance weeks ago… She came home late one night and discovered CHICKENS in our front yard! It was a riot!!! She had to chase down each one, and untie a little wire-wrapped letter from each of their legs. After she caught them all she found the letters – G U N N A R and discovered who had asked her. It was so fun. All of our kiddos loved it. Wellesley Baloo went crazy with the chickens in our yard. 


Big Love Ball

November 2, 2014

big love ball via seejaneblog one

I don’t know how many areas of the U.S. or the world have this tradition? But here in Utah – teenagers and college students are really creative when they ask someone to a school dance.  Since I lived through this cultural custom growing up (and enjoyed it!) and I am now assisting my teenagers with the same tradition, I thought I’d start a series with original ideas of how to ask someone to prom! or Sadie Hawkins.  Or Morp (prom backwards). Or Sweethearts.  Or, Homecoming.  Or, whatever dances you may have at your local schools!

This past month, Kiana asked her friend Jordy to Sadie Hawkins.  Which is a girls-choice dance.  I had a friend tell me about the Big Love Ball a few weeks ago and the instant I saw it I’ve been looking forward to a good reason to use one!