January 28, 2015

HIVE connected HUB via seejaneblog
Have you been asking yourself, “what is Hive?” What is the buzz all about??? I’m here to tell you –

Hive is a new technology-driven company that by using their products you can make your home a smart home that everyone wants and anyone can afford. Complete security, automation, and whole home audio experience.

The team behind Hive has been working for years to launch their ideas, and TODAY their kickstarter launched!

It’s very exciting.

Hive connected HUB product via seejaneblog
Hive works wherever you live – in a small downtown apartment or a large country manor. It’s designed to completely simplify your connection to your home and protect everyone,


HIVE Alt summit mini party

January 28, 2015

Tokyo dream event for HIVE via seejaneblogI attended Alt Summit last week, and while I taught a round table about how to make videos for instagram, I also helped plan an event that turned out to be soooooo fun!!! This mini party was for the sponsor, “Hive,” and the theme was “Tokyo dream.” This theme turned out to be one of my all-time favorites to work with! And, being one of the four hosts for Hive was the best part! It was great working with the other three bloggers – If you are curious what this company, “HIVE” is about – I’m thrilled to invite you to be a part of it —


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