November 5, 2009


i’ve set this goal to have our christmas shopping finished in the next week{s.}

i made a final stop by toy’r’us just this afternoon, would you believe on a thursday at noon there were like 500 people there?!? insane i tell you!

in the midst of my shopping online or rather, searching for the perfect gifts, i found this stocking.

{you really must click on the link to see the small child peeking inside of it to get a GOOD perspective of how BIG it is!}

…if only i was good at knitting, i would make SIX of these for our family.



December 7, 2008

a booster seat that makes sense!I ordered this in the camo for KJ, and I LOVE it!
It has always driven me NUTS that booster seats don’t stay in place…
now it locks right into my car just like a baby car seat.


photo scans

November 10, 2008

I was shopping inPebbles in My Pocket about 2 months ago when I began my flower hair clips obsession, and discovered a new service they are offering…

19 cents photo scans.
For 19 cents Pebbles will scan your photo, burn them all on a CD, and it’s an option to have them also upload it to a Heritage Makers acct. for you.

oh my.

I have had PILES of photos sitting on my window bench upstairs by my computer/work area for WEEKS waiting for me to scan in… for various reasons.
I wanted to get all the photos I have,