chipping & hitting

August 23, 2008

Myla & I had our 2nd golf lesson this morning with Melanie. We learned how to chip and practiced hitting the ball from about 50 feet away from the hole. It was a beautiful day! I am definitely better at chipping than my swing for a long shot… I love that Myla enjoys every aspect of this sport. She LOVES riding in the golf cart {she can’t wait till she can drive it by herself}, loves the golf lesson, loves filling her holes in the grass with the dirt/seed mix, loves picking up the golf balls at the end of her lesson… all-around it’s a good day for her!
And, Melanie is awesome.

did I mention…moosey loves stealing the golf balls?!?


the past 2 weeks…

August 3, 2008

went by so fast. I am wishing I could pause time, our kids will be back in school in 17 days…and this year, my 3 oldest will all be in school ALL Day. It’s just going to be Sela and I hanging out all morning/afternoon…so sad my babies are getting so big.

and, the next two weeks are packed with activities, so the time will fly, and summer break will be over… did summers pass this quickly when we were kids?

it is a habit for the kids to run to our mud-room/garage door and greet Dusty or I when we return home from running errands/work/etc.

I pulled in the garage last week and was greeted by KJ and Sela,