believe what you see – those are christmas tree lights in the background of our halloween dinner…

when hurricane sandy was en route to our state, and we were on day two of sitting in the house i told the kids maybe we’ll put the christmas tree up if we get really bored… and when you even mention christmas tree to a six year old girl. she doesn’t let you forget. ::smiles::

first things first — husband made it home safely and in time for halloween! {booyah!} AND! he brought us all cafe rio for dinner the night he flew home to boston from utah.


halloween * beacon hill

November 16, 2011

our halloween was charm-on-steroids. have you heard of beacon hill? no? well, it’s the nicest-{expensive}-upper-end-neighborhood-with-federal-style-rowhouses in the city of boston. known for its narrow, gas-lit streets and brick sidewalks. and, did you know there is a list of the top 20 places to trick-or-treat in the USA? {this was news to me!} combine these thoughts: and yes, beacon hill rates #2 in the nation!

first, a few glimpses of our home for the spooky holiday –

…since we’re living in a home that is 150 years old, i’m taking advantage of the colonial-charm whenever possible. i don’t consider this “my style,” but i enjoy the creative process of utilizing what the home has to offer for each holiday!