laguna beach, california

September 22, 2014

This past July our family took a road trip to one of our favorite places on earth – Laguna Beach, California. My husband has family there, and each time we visit we dream of living there one day. If our future plans go as we hope they will – we’d like to move there in about four years – after Kiana and Myla have graduated from high school in Utah. Until then, I’ll just keep watching this video and dream of the day to come!

This is the first video I have ever created, so be easy on me. It’s a new hobby still in it’s early stages. But I’m so obsessed! I want to make videos all the time!!!


a winters day at the beach…

February 25, 2013

as much as i love routine and traditions, i also love doing really random things that are brand new.

for example, going to the beach for a picnic in february…

a day at the beach in the winter via seejaneblog

winter picnic on the east coast via seejaneblog

playing wiffle ball on the beach via seejaneblog

KJ pitching wiffle ball on the beach via seejaneblog

winter picnic on nantasket beach via seejaneblog

wellies at the beach via seejaneblog

winter picnic at nantasket beach via seejaneblog

beach combing in the winter via seejaneblog

wellies and beanies on the beach via seejaneblog

Nantasket beach ma in february via seejaneblog

as i mentioned in my last post, my kiddos had a week long vacation. we spent our time playing with lots of friends, visiting museums, going to movies, and running around the beach in our wellies.


massachusetts beaches

September 1, 2012

this summer we were all about celebrating the long-standing-summer traditions we’ve always cherished,
while also reminding ourselves to start a few of our own new ones here in mass.

so. we went hunting for our favorite beach in massachusetts. i tried to find out exactly how many beaches there are in MA, and didn’t have any luck. so, let me tell you – there are a lot. and we’ve made it to five. however, we did visit those five more than once each. sometimes we’d try a new one, and like it so much we’d have to visit it a few times before choosing another new one. my friend told me that there are so many lovely beaches in the california area.