Nutcracker update

September 26, 2007

Many of you have asked or have been waiting for us to give you Kiana’s nutcracker schedule, we now know she will be in the kids cast for the following dates –
December 19th – PM show
December 20th – PM show
December 21st – Matinee and PM show
December 22nd – Matinee and PM show
December 23rd – Matinee
December 24th – Matinee
For tickets, if you have a group of 10 or more people I can buy the tickets for you right now with a very small group discount. Otherwise, parents only can buy tickets starting October 9th AT Capitol theatre till Oct. 19th. I can buy the tickets for you when we return from Mexico between the 16th –


P A R T Y G I R L !

September 8, 2007

SHE MADE IT! It was so stressful for me – there were 106 girls who auditioned in her group for roles as a party girl and they chose 28! There will be 7 girls in 4 kids casts. In the first cut, about 50 girls came out, and most of them were crying – it was heart wrenching. Then there was a second cut, still no Kiana came out, and then they announced that the last group was all the girls who had been chosen. In the pictures, this is Kiana coming out with the girls who made it. They are given a letter of congratulations, a parent handbook, and a cookie.


Good Luck Kiana!

September 7, 2007

Kiana and I went to Salt Lake yesterday for audition registration for Ballet West, “The Nutcracker.” She was officially measured to be 4’4and3/4″ (almost 4’5″) tall which allows her to audition for a role as a “party girl.” The auditions are based on height, and tomorrows audition, of course. She will be up there 8-11 am, and then possibly be called back for other roles if it goes really well but she wants and hopes to be a party girl. GOOD LUCK BEAR!!