teenage depression

August 2, 2015

CL0A4666 This photo. It means a lot to me. Kiana has had a phenomenal year, or even more than that – maybe eighteen months which followed a few years of some real trials. When she was thirteen, we moved to Boston. She was thrilled to be going on the adventure – embraced everything we were planning. Then soon after we moved is when I found out I had cancer. Now – looking back all of her struggles make sense. But at the time, it was so confusing to feel like a daughter who had always been a happy overachieving soul was struggling with so many new challenges. With puberty (something my girls go through very fast and early) she had intense migraine headaches that came on suddenly and wiped her out for sometimes a few days/week.


unplugging to sleep.

September 15, 2014

Raise your hand if you have a small panic attack if you accidentally leave your cell phone at home or misplaced for a few minutes? Are you raising your hand? I am. We have moments at our house when someone says, “I can’t find my phone!” and everyone drops what they are doing to 1) use the Find iPhone app and 2) help the person who lost their phone find their missing appendage. Myla, our fourteen year old, mis-placed her phone this past Saturday some time between golfing with girlfriends that evening and coming home and has been in an all-out funk since doing so. Which, we all understand, right? Do you spend a LOT of waking hours in front of a computer,


tis the season to be jolly… fa la la la la la la la la! ahhhh, to be a child or teen during the holidays. it’s the most wonderful time of year, right? parties, gift-giving, shopping, seasonal traditions, traveling, special holiday shows on TV and in theaters. so many opportunities for fun!

today at Boston Mamas i am talking about tips to help our kids stay cheery during the holidays when ill moods arise. you can read more here.

what do you think? stress can be a grinch during the holidays, do you have any parenting advice for these type of situations?

be merry! xo.


if you follow me on instagram, then this is old news. but i wanted to talk a bit more about this here.

to those who don’t know – my oldest daughter kiana, “retired” {for lack of a better word} from dance six weeks ago. after devoting most of her life to dance, 12 years to be exact. yes, she is only fourteen {almost fifteen} but my petit woman had given hours and hours, weeks, months, and years to rehearsals. she was committed. she stopped.

the choice to stop was something she had been deliberating for the past couple of years. after a lot of thought, and a few tears,


i’m going out of my normal-posting-topic here, to offer parenting advice.

offering parenting-advice via the www., is also not my norm, so feel free to make the comment-section an open forum for discussion. and, please remember – this is strictly my opinion and our experiences, there are a variety of great ways to handle this in each of your own lives.

with that said…

we have a tradition of teaching our kids about the birds and the bees on or near their eighth birthday. it’s an age i feel is just about the right time to introduce them to the subject, before they start to hear things on their own. it has always been important to me that these facts would first be learned at home.