May 22, 2012

My kids are all asleep, and husband is in the philippines. which means i have a very quiet house minus the animals attacking my garbage cans outside my office window. I have been up late packing for an unexpected trip. On thursday morning I will be taking the kiddos to Nevada, where we will meet up with husband and attend my father-in-laws funeral on friday. He passed away yesterday – on May 21st. Technically, he had a stroke that caused serious damage. But mostly, it was the end of a health battle that had gone on over the past few years.

When you receive a phone call with bad news – first, someone is calling who you don’t usually hear from –


going, going, gone…

May 31, 2011

dear see jane blog readers,

i have adored you from the very moment that i started blogging.

i have cherished every comment you have left me + the blogging community is like a second home to me.   if possible, i would take you all to lunch + buy you chocolate covered cinnamon bears & invite you to a bbq/volleyball night at our home… i swear i would, i love you all!

so, it is with a sad heart that i am writing this post to tell you that my blog is going private soon. June 15th to be exact. and, this will most likely be a permanent decision.

i’ve, actually,