Cabo, Mexico – 2017/18

January 29, 2019

Hello friends! Is anyone out there?!! I am making an attempt to return to the world of blogging, and as my first project this month I’ve been getting caught up on making videos from some of our trips this past year. This was our Cabo trip in Dec. 2017/early January 2018. It was full of fun and good friends. One for the books! Or shall we say, one for the technology!!? Hehe… Watch if you’d like… xo.


Red Cliffs Utah via seejaneblogWhile in Southern Utah, Dusty and I wanted to hike with our kids at Red Cliffs. A place we used to hike all the time when we were in college at SUU. We lucked out with ideal hiking weather! Because we went on a Sunday morning the hike wasn’t very packed with people, it was gorgeous. The earth was definitely showing off!