January 11, 2015

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A portrait of my children (and puppy), once a week, every week, in 2015.

Kiana: On the go. On the go. On the go.

Myla: Chill-laxin. This puppy momma was taking a break… She has been AMAZING with her puppy this week!

KJ: This dude. He’s a smart, sneaky one. Preface: Dusty Rhodes and I don’t allow the kids to purchase apps, new music, movies, etc. unless it’s a special holiday or they have paid for it themselves. Yet, at times the kids (namely: KJ and the teens) are trying to buy more virtual stuff than they are allowed to.



January 4, 2015

wellesley balloo ten

Myla has been begging and begging for a puppy for a few years now… She has been told if she meets certain goals she could have one, and multiple times she has met her end of the deal. She also worked hard this past year to pay for half of the puppy’s fee, and then finally after all of this santa agreed to deliver this holiday season. Myla chose a girl Australian Labradoodle from Winsome Cottage Labradoodles, in Heber, Utah. And, she named her Wellesley Baloo. We lived in Wellesley while we were in Massachusetts, and also – Myla has Wellesley college on her list of hopeful places to attend college. So,


flashback friday…

April 15, 2011

just a few short years ago… i’m guessing 2003-2008 we had hens. for a few years! we even had a couple easter-egger’s, so when we collected the eggs each day, there was a beautiful mix of brown, white, green, and blue eggs. it was storybook perfect. my little kiddos just loved it. even grandma loved it.

we called our hens, “city chicks!”

i used to go to our local IFA, and get li’l baby chicks each easter to have them running around when the easter bunny came hoppin’ through – each year we had new chicks to add to the mix. one of the highlights of the new chicks was naming them –


Kiana’s last show –

December 27, 2007

Kiana & all of the party girls were sad to be doing their last show because they all loved it so much, but I was happy & sad it was ending. I was ready/excited for christmas eve, christmas, and the new year – but I loved watching Kiana grow as a dancer from this experience. This is Kiana & Rebecca, one of her friends – the girls are not allowed to have any electronics backstage/etc. during their time at Capitol Theater, so they spent A LOT of time playing cards – here, they are waiting for Rebecca to get picked up after their last performance while I was chaperoning for the 2nd time. Then we snapped two pictures of Kiana as we left…till next year [we hope!]Before Kiana and I made it home from Salt Lake I still had some friend &


Kaymen the bandit

September 17, 2007

Kaymen had his grooming appointment today and we always love when he comes home in costume. Every now and then he comes home with painted claws, such as last year for Halloween (October) he came home with alternating orange/black claws. We have to remind our groomers every now and then that Kaymen is a boy… there are STRICT rules for Rhodes boys considering they are very outnumbered with the girls around here. So, he came home with a bandana around his neck today as a bandit, and we thought the look fit him well…