last year i squealed with delight when my mother, my daughters, and i were chosen to participate in justin hackworth’s 30 strangers project. we had the best time during our photo shoot with justin.  he is such a sweetheart with a project funding a great cause.

this year, we are no longer strangers to justin hackworth but YOU might be! if you have no idea who justin hackworth is: perfect. he is a very talented photographer based out of provo, utah who does this beautiful project every spring/summer.

if you are a woman, with a mother, maybe sisters,


i promised here to tell you more. and it’s really this simple…. justin hackworth is a happy, talented photographer with an impressive 30 strangers project.

justin explains the project in these words,

“It works like this. In the month of April, I photograph a different mother and daughter (sometimes a grandmother, too) every single day. 30 portraits in 30 days. The people that come to be photographed are strangers to me. People I’ve never met before. Instead of paying me a portrait session fee, they make a donation to the Center for Women and Children in Crisis. Participants are selected at random from comments left on the blog post regarding the project.”