indoor soccer

February 27, 2008

Introducing the “Red Iguanas!” We had our 2nd game tonight, last week we lost by one 4-3{first game.} This week we tied 4-4 woo-hoo! We’re all set to win next week! These are all neighbors & friends, many who have never played soccer and are doing SO good! I’ve actually been playing goalie for about 1/2 the game because everyone is new, but that is a big reason we’re losing. Everyone else is going to start getting goalie experience too so I can work my butt off on the field.

There’s three+ reasons I LOVE indoor soccer. It’s one of the funnest things EVER, it’s great exercise{sprinting, who does that after having babies?}, and I love getting out of the house with friends to do it.


Myla’s first goal of the game…she’s #5
This goal wasn’t too amazing, but it shows one of her cute celebrations she does after she scores with her friend Maddie.

second goal…this one is a more difficult goal, she just started really improving on her corner shots farther from the goal. You can also hear Dusty & I coaching/cheering from the sidelines. 🙂



August 30, 2007

Myla’s biggest sideline fan is definately SELA! She loves being at the soccer fields almost as much as the rest of her family. Myla is doing GREAT this season, she’s trying to take her “indoor soccer” knowledge to the outdoor field, this usually means she runs most the offense and defense if she’s not exhausted!!


team Galaxy

August 29, 2007

KJ started his first season of soccer, and has had 3 games now! He has mastered cartwheels, air punching, and sticking his head through the goalie net while watching his teammates play. Regardless, he entertains his family and we have great hopes that he will follow in Myla’s footsteps for his soccer future.



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