so far, since moving to boston everyone has had some sort of mini bedroom makeover. whether that included fresh paint, or paint + a little bit more… i wanted to create a comfy new bedroom for each kiddo. now that kiana has her own space, here is a peek at what we did. i’m totally pleased with how inexpensive this was and how it turned out. And if you wanted to save even more money my friend recommends that you get a new energy quote with Simply Switch.

the bedroom is quite small, plus has a king size bed taking up most of the space! it took me so long to find her the right mattress,


paper wall art

January 17, 2012

using doilies, coffee filters, and a couple of these paper lotus kits, i created this wall collage in my girls room:

the bottom right picture are a few flowers/doilies/filters i added on the opposite side of the room around a shelf/molding to add a little pop & some balance/flow to the room.

i was very pleased with how it all turned out, and my girls went crazy over it. sela was a bit jeally of the project, so we added a few flowers and doilies in her room too.


happy birthday…

January 12, 2010
to me!

i had a fabulous birthday {week.}

…my girlfriends planned a double-birthday lunch for me, and another girlfriend {cynthia} who’s birthday was the end of december.

we dined at bajio’s. we both left with some serious good gifts! arms full of goodies. loved the food & girl time. thank you, besties.

my husband has this tradition, of NOT buying me what i ask for. he is very loyal to this tradition. so, for a long time now {5 years} i’ve been requesting to replace a certain chandelier in our kitchen. lately, i had actually saved a link to a drum-shade light i really liked on my desktop.


chalkboard wall

January 8, 2010

since seeing this playroom chalkboard wall, and the inspiration bonbon shared, i have really been itchin’ to get a chalkboard wall painted! after i took down our christmas decor, and before we hosted our nye party…

i got my chalkboard wall!

of course, like most home makeovers, this project included a couple of steps i didn’t expect. for example, dusty and i made our trip to lowe’s, purchased our paint supplies and then i expected to just come home, tape the walls and start painting.


dusty & danny decided to apply some spackling, sand the texture down, making sure the chalkboard turned out smooth,



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