believe what you see – those are christmas tree lights in the background of our halloween dinner…

when hurricane sandy was en route to our state, and we were on day two of sitting in the house i told the kids maybe we’ll put the christmas tree up if we get really bored… and when you even mention christmas tree to a six year old girl. she doesn’t let you forget. ::smiles::

first things first — husband made it home safely and in time for halloween! {booyah!} AND! he brought us all cafe rio for dinner the night he flew home to boston from utah.


celebrating baby sloane.

July 12, 2012

while i was in utah, we celebrated bex’s baby who debuted in may. i love seeing my friend so happy. she anticipated this little girl with such enthusiasm for so long, and it felt so good to share in her joy for one afternoon…

baby sloane’s nursery is neutrals so i wanted to use the same neutral color scheme for the afternoon – white, natural, brown, and a little dash of pink.

just a few of us got together for a little lunch. i used dandee’s idea here as inspiration for our lunch crates. each crate included: one homemade sandwich wrapped in parchment paper and brown kraft paper tied with a twine bow,


food truck party.

July 10, 2012

Remember that day in June when we celebrated father’s day??? well, the sun came out from behind days and days of rain clouds, and we called all our friends together to celebrate the dads in our lives.

For this party, I wanted to mix traditional New England style with casual party flair. To achieve this I set the table with neutral, classy details – adding chalkboards and neon chalk markers for the kids to doodle. And! For food, we hired a taco food truck that pulled right onto the backyard lawn in the middle of the party scene! Did you know you can hire out most food trucks for private parties?!? This was an entirely new idea to me,


soda bar

June 29, 2012

Have you noticed the new trend to make your own soda at home? SodaStream is everywhere. For father’s day I wanted to set-up a make-your-own soda bar as part of our party, and use this idea without the soda maker appliance. however, I did use the SodaStream syrups for flavoring. Some people prefer to have a mix of their own homemade soda and brands similar to DRY orange bubbly because they like the option and I hear their product is great!

It was a fun way to serve beverages to kids and adults alike.

take a look:

Using airtight cylindrical bottles, I created homemade labels with this font &


homemade fun

June 28, 2012

With my kids home for summer vacation, we built this little game a couple of weeks ago. We also used it at our father’s day party. This would be fun to build in your yard like we did, or put it together while camping this summer!


aluminum cans – start saving food cans
bark mulch or rocks
tree branches – time to go on a nature walk
twine + yarn
optional: index cards + washi tape

1.  place your tree branch in the middle of a large can, and fill the can will bark mulch or rocks to hold the branch in place.



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