September 19, 2014

I have always been drawn to letterpress. I love the detailed, traditional process involved with the craft. When I see a letterpress design that I admire, I instinctively find myself running my fingers over the indentions of the print to thoroughly experience it’s beauty. If you don’t have this fondness for paper, you may think I’m nuts – I’m guessing most people never understand or they are well into their adult life till they have an idea of how much work is involved in this method of printing. Hard work and dedication goes into every letterpress piece.

All of this lead me to this idea: with Sela’s birthday approaching, I wanted to use letterpress invitations for her birthday party –


horses with hobbies costumes via seejaneblog

horses with hobbies no masks via seejaneblog

do you remember when i said our halloween costumes were really easy and teenager-friendly this year?!? well… do you agree? i have had a quirky obsession with these horse head masks for a long time now – but couldn’t justify buying them just for fun… so, halloween was the perfect reason to splurge! {on something so ridiculous!}

my kids each had their own ideas for what they wanted to dress up as this year, and as i started thinking about the little barbie that wanted to trick or treat in her barbie car, and two skate-boarders that want to go trick or treating on their long boards,


gatehouseno1 open house via seejaneblog

you guys know i have a soft spot for events. and creating. so, when stephanie {the owner of gatehouse no. 1 in orem, utah} asked me to be a part of her open house i was thrilled! plus, i was able to teach a fall decorating class and plan a make & take with one of my all-time favorite ladies – courtney snowden! double thrill!

if you came to the open house, thank you so very very very much – it was such a fun evening packed with festive cheer. gatehouse no. 1 is a really impressive home furnishings store, and if you are coming to utah,


back to school teacher gifts via seejaneblog

my kiddos start school this week. and while i am not ready for summer vacation to end, i am craving some routine in our life! any other parents feeling this way? our oldest daughter has sophomore day today – here in utah some of the high schools are only tenth through twelfth grade, so the sophomores go a day early before the upper class-men arrive to help them find all their classes with less students in the buildings. kiana has technically started high school twice now. she’s a pro.

all three of my other kiddos start tomorrow. sela has the same first grade teacher that all three of her siblings had and we couldn’t be more excited!


welcome guest - water bottle tags via seejaneblog

it’s no new news that i love having guests in our home. and i enjoy doing my best to make sure they feel welcome. so, it just broke my heart when we had company (two sets of guests!) arriving just prior to my three days in isolation this weekend and i didn’t get to spend very much time with them before i had to stay behind closed doors. terrible, terrible timing to be isolated. the second set of guests had to end up staying in a hotel, boo. epic scheduling fail.

while i was preparing for our visitors i really wanted them to know i was excited for their arrival, i wanted them to feel at home,


may day flowers + free printable via seejaneblog

when i was a child, my mom and i lived with my grandparents in the rainy northwest. when i was about eight years old, my *grandpa was eighty-something and he had a notorious flower garden. i first learned about may day from this grandpa. each may first, he would slowly and carefully roll paper into cones, and take me out to pick flowers from his garden. then, we would go for a walk in our neighborhood and choose homes to leave the flowers at as a surprise. he would stand back, let me go to the door, leave the flowers, knock, and run…

hello sunshine * may day flowers via seejaneblog

one year, i was caught in the act and our local paper wrote an article about my grandpa and i keeping the may day tradition alive…