turning eleven, myla-style…

December 30, 2010

on the morning of myla’s birthday,
we had just a couple hours to spend with the bland family before they had to leave for the airport to return home…
{we’re very sad they are gone…}
and in that time, the kids all attacked myla with silly string on the beach –
she was a great sport about it, actually, loved it—

myla was determined to be super-lazy, she found a little cabanna all for herself, and set-up towels for her, kj, and sela – they had some serious itouch time, hidden out, together—

the two beach-side activity directors here put together a little kids sand soccer game for myla.


christmas day.

December 28, 2010

we had a beautiful christmas here in cabo. we shared the day with good friends, delicious food, and the pacific ocean. i’ve found what i like most about christmas here, it’s that it’s not over. if we were home, i would have already gotten a crazy cleaning bug to take down the tree, super-clean the house and move on…

but here.

oh, we love here.

here, the christmas tree lights are still a-glow, we’re still whistling christmas tunes, and each morning still feels like christmas morning with the toy blizzard that appears.

the season continues.

plus, we know that white stuff will still be there, for months,


christmas eve…

December 27, 2010

we had enchiladas, clam chowder, mexican steak and cheese quesadillas…


after a beautiful day at the beach,
we visited the bland family to give them their christmas eve gifts…

keeping with this new tradition,
cabo xmas 2010 pro look shorts!

the adorable bland familia—

our familia—

{please note: when i’m truly on vacation there is no make-up and very little effort to do my hair!}

kj’s shorts were mis-sized just a little,
so he put them on for a picture but wore his other christmas jammies all night.


eighty and sunny…

December 22, 2010

where we are.

{greetings from mexico.}

we are spending our afternoons by the pool, at the beach, by another pool, by another beach, by another pool, by another beach. repeat. repeat. repeat. {for two weeks!}

life is good.

life was best for my moosey when we discovered they had set-up new soccer goals down on the beach.

her birthday is next week, and she is now requesting we play sand soccer all day for her!

the sand crab,
caught by big papi,
created some big smiles from our little munchkins…

my funny honey.



November 16, 2007

For the second time this year, CABO was amazing. Dusty realized before we left that this trip had three great things going for it. First, we were going without kids. Second, we were going without any other couples/or people we knew in general (not to offend anyone, we LOVE to travel with friends – as you ALL know.) And third, I was not pregnant. The combination of those three things and a trip have not happened in 10+ YEARS! This is the bed we would lounge on each afternoon after we would finally wake up before/after noon…This was our view most of the time, unless of course the occasional dolphin went jumping by,



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