fedoras in cabo san lucas.

December 28, 2011

if you are traveling with the rhodes family – specifically, me. there is a good chance i might convince a beach vendor to let us borrow eleven fedoras. then i might line you up, and ask you to march in a straight line across the sand. + a little booty shaking. in front of lots of people.

just so i can play with the pictures and create* something like this:

fedora par-tay!

…we just arrived home from our annual pilgrimage to mexico. ten days of family time, and relaxing – we are now ready to conquer what lies ahead! cheers to good friends, sunshine, and fedoras! do you travel over the holidays?


cabo submarine

December 28, 2011

our family has been traveling to mexico, on a regular basis for nine years.  i’m guessing a dozen trips, split between mazatlan and cabo – and, our friends the Blands have gone on almost every one of those trips with us. it’s ideal with our kids all being such good friends. needless to say, mexico is truly a home away from home. for most of those nine years, we have done the same old things, on every trip.  we’re in a south of the border rut.  

however, this past trip we shook things up and tried a couple of new things…  call us wild & crazy!

first, we ventured over to the gorgeous cabo marina, and we took an underwater adventure on the cabo submarine!



December 26, 2011

for the past week we have been in cabo san lucas.

if you have followed this blog for a while, you already know our family is a fan of mexico…
{see here, and here}

and, i am obsessed with instagram. an iPhone photo/social network app.

…my friend caroline from the armelle blog sent me an email a month ago sharing information about followgram. she also included a link to decor8’s post that included the following information:

“Do you use Instagram? If so, Followgram is an excellent companion.


feliz ano nuevo!

January 6, 2011

…and that ends my spanish vocabulary.

{it consists of about four greetings.}

we rang in the new year, on the beach in mexico.
with rich delicious food, live entertainment, and sparkling decorations.

as we talked about life, under the palm trees, with the glow of the moon…
we made another grateful note on the this-right-here-is-good tally.

and, my heart always does a skip at that moment…
the moment that the clock strikes twelve,
that the new year begins.
and i’m kissing my man.

i passionately believe in new beginnings. {and kissing, for that matter.}

cheers to 2011!
it’s going to be whatever you make of it.


drum roll please…

i hope to never forget…

play time on the patio, in jammies.
{love those santa gifts!}

anywhere you take myla,
she’s going to build a fort…
luckily, this pool provided the space and privacy needed to do so—

{santa brought water bugs = endless hours of fun!}

beautiful kenna with the tweeners favorite choice of beverage,
a virgin-miami-vice.

and every time my iced tea arrived with the splenda tucked under the lime..

{i was smiling}

{water guns from santa,



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