dance season is underway

February 3, 2008

This was a busy dance weekend, with many to follow, so our anniversary may take place in a couple more months…when there is time.

Kiana & Myla had a Center Stage Showcase fundraiser event on Friday night at Thanksgiving Point. All of the companies/dancers that perform/compete were involved and it was AWESOME. Kiana did 2 solos, and 4 team dances, and Myla did 2 of her team dances. Dusty actually wanted to go back Saturday to see one of the Senior Company dances again because it was so incredible, but we opted out for dinner on our own.

Then on Saturday morning we were back at Thanksgiving Point for a “Utah Dancesport Championship.” Myla & Ezra competed in the Cha-cha,


Myla’s ballroom team from Center Stage, “Preteen Millenia” performed at the Provo H.S. Ballroom competition this afternoon. This was their first time to perform this year, they don’t have their costumes yet for this Quickstep so they wore their normal black/white couples outfits… Myla is partners with Niua in this dance ~ they did so great!

Tonight, we [Dusty, Kiana, Myla, and I] went with the Morton’s to dinner @ the Bombay House for some delicious Indian food [a family favorite.] Then we headed over to see some of Kiana & Myla’s friends/dancer buddies @ the Vibe’s “Evolutions of Dance” playing @ the new Covey Center for the Arts in Provo.


Dancing with a Star…

January 23, 2008

We had plans on going to see “Alvin & the Chipmunks” when we were done playing in the snow. BUT, when I returned home, Dusty & I had voicemail messages from the Sosa’s that Jonathan Roberts from “Dancing with the Stars” [Marie Osmond’s partner] had been at the studio and saw Ezra dancing and was so taken with him [can’t blame him, the kid is adorable!] that he was interested in giving a private to Ezra & his partner [Myla] and Kiana & Tristan. So, plans changed and the girls were really excited for the opportunity to dance with Jonathan, so we headed to the studio… and Dusty & KJ went to the movie –

Myla & Ezra with Jonathan ~
Kiana &



November 26, 2007

Niua having a little trouble catching Myla…Myla & Niua (knee-wha) rehearsing before their show – now playing @ the Scera.


Myla & her ballroom coach Autumn Turley ~

Myla & Ezra placed 6th in their “pre-teen newcomer syllabus cha-cha” category today. This was SO exciting because the pre-teen division is all kids under 12 years old, there were 4 rounds and they were called back 3 times – Ezra is 6 and Myla is 7 – and there were about 45 couples in the entire category! They also did great in their swing & samba, but cha-cha ROCKED, so I’ll only add one more cha-cha video from todays events…!!! You can’t help but see, Ezra has some real latin blood in him!



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