Nevada Star Ball

August 19, 2008

Kiana is in yellow
Myla is in red {a few girls are in red.}

Pre-teen American cha-cha semi-final {Kiana & Myla}

Pre-teen American swing semi-final {Kiana & Myla}

Pre-teen American cha-cha final {Kiana & Myla}

Pre-teen International Samba semi-final {Kiana}


Nevada Star Ball

August 13, 2008

Attention: Friends & Family members in Nevada!
I have told a few of you we will be in town this weekend,
Kiana & Myla will be competing on Friday evening. We will be at the Green Valley Ranch at 4pm Friday, but the evening session begins at 6pm.

If you want to purchase tickets, please click here for information.
We would love to meet up with you even if you don’t plan on coming to the competition…

Love and miss you all,


BYU ballroom competition

August 10, 2008

Kiana and Myla both have new ballroom partners for the upcoming dance year.

For Myla, this is her 3rd year of ballroom, and her 2nd partner. She danced with Ezra the past 2 years, but their partnership has retired.

Now, she is dancing with Ammon. Today was their first competition together, and for Ammon it was his first ballroom competition ever. They did a cha-cha, and were so cute together!
They did great!

Myla & Ammon

For Kiana and Tristan, this is their first year in ballroom for both of them! Kiana has done jazz, ballet,


Spring Dance Recitals

May 18, 2008

Center Stage had their spring recitals on Saturday.
Kiana & Myla performed in the matinee & evening shows.
Here are a few pictures from dances I haven’t shown this year.

This is Myla’s ballroom company, “Preteen Millenia,” the dance was a cha-cha to “Witch Doctor” and her partner was the ADORABLE Niua! Autumn Turley is their coach.

This was Kiana’s Jazz 4 class dancing to “Damaged”…Stacy Bills is their teacher.

And, this was Kiana’s jazz company “Jr. Company” doing a new contemporary dance choreographed by Christian, called, “a new day.” Savannah Dalton is their coach.



March 17, 2008

Autumn DelGrosso-Turley & Ashly DelGrosso-Costa giving last minute practice to Myla & Ezra and the other young couples from Center Stage Performing Arts Studio

The swing started out with 4 heats of 30 couples = about 120 couples, Myla & Ezra were called back 4 times! So, they made it to the final 24 couples… This is also so cool {let me remind you} because Ezra is 7 and Myla is 8….they compete in the pre-teen division which is 12 & under!

In-between each round, they post the results of who has been called back by the male’s number,


Last weekend

February 21, 2008

Myla and Ezra had a ballroom competition at UVSC, or I should correct myself and say, UVU. I’m sparing everyone the 7 videos I took of them with a few pictures – in between their dances and/or “callbacks” for each round they are serious DS players…
While they were sending messages & pictures to each other via DS, Myla showed me this message Ezra sent to her: If you can see it, it says: “I love Jesus and you.” hehe. If you notice Myla’s reply, she has typed… “That is werd.” I’m thinking she meant weird! I love these two!This was a photo Enrique purchased from the competition, a “professional” took it,



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