July Menu

So busy, I know. I’m ignoring my blog.  But being this busy I sure have been thankful for having June’s menu plan!

Tonight, while ordering groceries (yes, my busy-ness means I will splurge for groceries online and avoiding grocery stores with a 2 year old on the weekends!)  for our July 4th bash, I planned out July’s menu!  It’s a little more sparse, but I think that’s realistic. We often have leftovers and/or change our minds, because some days just warrant a little spontaneity! :)

July 2010 Monthly Menu

Some More Details

Yesterday, I spiffied up an old bulletin board for Maria’s room.  Today I hung it up along with some other things… most importantly butterfly & flower decals.  She hasn’t seen any of it or doesn’t know I was going to do this, so I’m excited to see her reaction when she comes home tonight!  Finally added some details to a fairly blank room.

Maria's Room with "the final touches"
butterflies & flowers (Target $12.99)

Maria's Room with "the final touches"
more butterflies and flowers

Maria's Room with "the final touches"
the bulletin board – simply painted the frame with some pink paint that I had. I found the butterflies at JoAnn Fabrics. They are wooden and were already painted – just $.59 each.  I simply hot-glued them to the frame.

More Room Pictures

Cleaning Out

It has been a busy week… I think as we get closer to the end of my maternity leave (only 2 weeks left!!) I am starting to cram some things in to my schedule!   Last week’s big project though was sorting girl clothes!  Which I apparently had a lot of!  Yikes! I wasn’t sure how I was going to get rid of them a few weeks ago, but then I heard about Just Between Friends and decided to sell a bunch of things in one of the sales this weekend.  I tagged 157 items (girl clothes & maternity clothes with several things sold together as an item) and made over $260… and that was just my spring/summer stuff.  I did get my winter stuff sorted by size so it will be easy to get ready for the fall/winter sale.  Well worth the 7-8 hours I put into sorting, tagging and hanging my clothes.  And I did a little shopping and got a great deal on an easel for Maria’s birthday present.

I also took a load of regular clothes to the consignment shop.  And packed up a bunch of stuff to go to another friend who knows someone who can use infant girl clothes (they did not sell well at the sale) and stuff to return to my sister-in-law that we had on loan…  feeling pretty good about it all. And Maria’s closet looks so much better without the 10+ diaper boxes full of too small clothes!

A Fun Weekend

We packed in the fun this weekend!  Saturday was Swimming Lessons, a trip to Target (Maria & Mommy), a new scooter and friends Gracey and Annabelle came over to play with Maria!

Sunday, we had a fun playdate at our house.  The Mom’s (Nicole, Heather, Sarah & I) and the Kids (Leo, Colin, Finnegan, Lilah, Maria & Charlie) had a lot of fun!  After nap, Maria & I planted a few flowers in pots and a tree and then made a pizza!

New Scooter


Planting Flowers

Making Pizza

More Pictures

Slowly But Surely

Slowly but surely we are getting ready for this baby!  The crib mattress has been raised (I hardly remember it being so high!) Clothes are washed. Swing and bouncies are cleaned up.  We bought a 2nd monitor (because we still like to know what Maria is up to!)  Car seat bases are installed in both cars.  Maria’s bag is packed (mine is still a work in progress)

Maria is also moved out of the baby’s room and in her new big girl room. It was a long process, since we removed the horrible plaid wallpaper. Once that was done, we had the 2 light fixtures and separate ceiling fan, replaced with one ceiling fan/light.  THEN we had all the walls refinished (because the wallpaper did not come off well) and painted.

BUT end result, she loves it. I still want to get some more things on the wall, but I just love how it turned out. We found the furniture for a steal on Craigslist, except for the bookshelf which is from Ikea.  My mom made the quilt, which I love!  She really loves having her own space, unless it turns into a time-out zone! :)

Maria's Big Girl Room

Maria's Big Girl Room

Maria's Big Girl Room

Closet Cleaning

In our downstairs Amusement room (or 2nd family room) we have a large closet on one wall with nice shelves.  Yesterday it was full of crap.  RIght now it has much less crap!

  • I organized and got a bunch of craft stuff, including fabrics, sewing notions, beads, cardstock (from our wedding invites) and other various items ready to donate to ArtScrap (a re-use crafty store in St. Paul).
  • Plus I got rid of a bunch of boxes from old cell phones, cameras, and other electronics that for some reason we felt we needed (recycled).
  • Found a pile of manuals from our old computer (recycled).
  • Went through our board games decided since we don’t play a lot of board games that we could donate 1/2 dozen to a charity.
  • And decided that the gift bags from my baby shower had not been re-gifted in the last 2 1/2 years, so I listed those on freecycle and Craigslist!

And now I have a whole bunch of rubbermaid containers to re-fill!